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Progress in Stem Cell Treatment for Thinning Hair
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Progress in Stem Cell Treatment for Thinning Hair

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We really don’t think about balding or hair loss until it’s happening.

One morning, you look in the mirror and wonder if you are seeing things. 

You notice the part looks a little wider, or a patch seems slightly thinner or maybe the corners of your forehead seem just a bit further back.

You might deny it at first—that’s common when you are facing a truth you don’t like. 

You think to yourself: Am I losing hair? It could be the lighting or maybe I’m just paranoid.

But when reality sets in, you start scrambling to find solutions.

You might even try a drug that promises to help or slather on some products that have been around for decades with the same formula. 

Of course, some will tell you “nothing can be done about your hair loss” and that you’re “just going to have to live with it.” 

But this isn’t entirely correct.

Science has taken major leaps in the past few years and because of the regenerative science of stem cells, thicker, fuller looking hair for the first time is possible without drugs, side effects or lifetime usage. 

The Science of Stem Cell Treatment for Hair Loss

There are a lot of people struggling with thinning and balding hair. 

Androgenetic Alopecia or Male / Female Pattern hair loss affects up to 80% of Caucasian men and 40% of Caucasian women by the age of 40 according to research from 2020.

This same study notes, “Stem cell-based therapies have recently received lots of attention as potential novel treatments that focus on reactivating hair follicle stem cells and in this way enhance hair follicle growth, regeneration and development.”

Researchers at ULCA have also announced stem cells can be used to make hair grow, combating baldness or alopecia.

How do stem cells stop hair loss?

Between UV rays from the sun and harsh products we use on our hair, our follicles and tissues are damaged. 

The body has a solution for this, though! 

Every day, our bodies remove and renew any tissue that is damaged or old. 

We shed around 500 million cells and anywhere from 50-100 hairs every day.

The hair is in a continual cycle of shedding, regrowth and rest.

Our own stem cells are responsible for creating new tissues, including hair follicles. 

Aging, hormones and other factors can impact the cell’s metabolic state and stall regrowth.

What if you could simply bring in new stem cells that weren’t impacted by a slowed metabolism?

Studies are being done to examine the impact of applying stem cell extract directly to the hair follicles to spark regrowth. 

One randomized, double-blind, vehicle-controlled clinical trial found the buzz around stem cells wasn’t just talk—there was measurable improvement

After 16 weeks, participants using the topical stem cells showed a noticeable increase in hair count (28%) and hair thickness (14%).

Why More Hair Naturally?

We’ve used this same science to formulate natural products (for both men and women) that are made in the USA, free of side effects and aggressively help to restore the hair.

To really target problem areas, we designed More Hair Naturally 9.

This concentrated stem cell formula includes 3 different types of stems  (mountain ginseng root, bamboo sprouts and stem cells from adult human fat cells) all that their maximum clinical strength to achieve optimum results.  

It also includes three natural peptide complexes that serve as messengers to your scalp to help stimulate and promote growth. 

Probiotic plant extracts are included, along with  Rednsyl®, Baicapil™ and Capixyl™ making this the most powerful approach currently on the market ingredients.

"I have hit the 9-month mark and wanted to share my results. The results speak for themselves and I could not be happier. What an amazing product. At 9-months, I continue to see results and the hair is filling in nicely. Back in November, you could clearly see the skin on my scalp and there was little if any hair in the bald spot (size of a softball). Today, the bald spot is almost completely filled in and the hair continues to become denser by the week." – M.R., More Hair Naturally Customer

You Deserve a Full Head of Hair

Steve with books

Why not just give in and accept your hair loss? 

Some people wonder if it’s even worth fighting hair loss.

Maybe for you, it isn’t.

But, most people find hair loss affects their sense of self-esteem and confidence, making them feel powerless. 

Our products are designed to help give that power back.

One academic article explains, “Hair is considered a major feature of beauty and esthetic appearance; hence hair loss has a major impact on one’s self-perception, self-esteem, and can lead to depression and other mood disorders

We tend to feel stressed and anxious when we are threatened.

If you are facing hair loss, it is only natural to feel disconcerted or unhappy about the change. 

This increase in stress can actually lead to losing more hair.

The best way to restore the thickness and health of your hair is to take action with products backed by emerging and cutting edge science. 

Our customers are having incredible results.

“It is certainly working for me! I was working with a dermatologist for my bald spot who was giving me steroid injections (not working). Now she is seeing at least some peach fuzz after about two months of using the spray!” – Thresa, More Hair Naturally Customer

Are You Ready for Thicker Hair?

john and sally

It’s time to take care of yourself. 

You deserve something that works.

If you are frustrated by dull, thinning and lifeless hair, More Hair Naturally can help.

There is a lot of old science that hasn’t been thoroughly reexamined. 

Rogaine was created in the 1950s as an ulcer treatment. 

We wanted to skip drugs and find a less invasive treatment for hair loss.

Progress in stem cell treatment has really helped us come a long way.

Rather than ignore the advances, we wanted to meet them head-on and help people overcome thinning hair.

We’ve searched all over the world for the best scientific advancements…and then we paired them with the power of ancient botanicals.

And, the results have been stunning to say the least.

The only question is: are you ready for thicker hair?


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