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No Matter Your Gender Testosterone Could Be Causing Your Balding
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No Matter Your Gender Testosterone Could Be Causing Your Balding

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If you are a male struggling with hair loss, you may feel that being bald is an unavoidable part of life—genetics you were handed at birth

If you are a female who has issues with thinning hair or a part that keeps getting wider and wider you feel that something is wrong with you because “women don’t experience hair loss.” 

In both cases, you would be wrong.

What you may be dealing with is reversible thinning, which affects both men and women, due to their body’s natural testosterone levels. 

Just keep reading to learn more.

The Myths Surrounding Hair Loss

Hair loss tends to be seen as a masculine problem and brushed aside like it doesn’t matter. 

When the hair loss isn’t tied to other health issues, most healthcare providers aren’t going to worry about the dying hair follicles that are leaving you patchy and embarrassed.

There is no way around the fact that hair loss is a devastating experience for most. 

Surveys have found that many men would be willing to give up friends and even their life’s savings if they could restore their hair.

Men say they feel less masculine and more like the butt of a joke when their hairline starts receding or a patch starts becoming noticeably bare on their scalp.

There are plenty of myths that make it harder for people with hair loss to get the help they need.

Hair loss and thinning due to society’s expectations tend to be much harder on women than men. 

Myth: Balding is Unavoidable

One myth is that balding is just part of the genes. 

Some expert medical providers treat balding as if it was written into the DNA with no chance of a different outcome.

However, the things we do can greatly impact the health and strength of our hair. 

Stress, chemicals and extreme weather can all cause damage to the hair. 

And, heightened hormones can also increase a response that slows hair growth.

Addressing the root cause of hair loss can help reverse the damage and stop the heavy shedding.

Myth: Balding is Another Part of Being a Man

There is a myth that men deal with hair loss, thinning and balding far more often than women.

The numbers aren’t as different as you might think, with about 50 million men and 30 million women struggling with some form of hair loss in the US.

That means an estimated 80 million Americans are dealing with hair loss. 

And, nearly 40% of those struggling with hair loss are women.

Myth: Only Men are Typically Affected by Testosterone

Because men have higher rates of testosterone, there is a common misconception that women don’t have testosterone. 

In fact, the ovaries create testosterone as well as estrogen!

Men are more likely to deal with hair loss because of DHT levels caused by their testosterone. 

But, women are naturally affected at high levels as well. 

Remember, nearly 40% of adults with hair loss are women.

So, men and women alike could be struggling with hair loss because of testosterone.

Here is how it works.

The Effect of Testosterone on the Body

Testosterone builds muscles and bone. It’s responsible for your sex drive (male or female).

As your body metabolizes—or breaks down—testosterone, it creates Dihydrotestosterone. 

This is more commonly referred to as DHT.

And, DHT is a medically recognized cause of hair loss.

There are three stages of hair generation: growth, resting and shedding. 

DHT holds the follicle in the resting and shedding phases for abnormally long periods. 

This is why your hair won’t grow as long or thick as it once did. 

It may cause you to experience extreme shedding without any rebound in growth.

DHT will cause the hair follicles to shrink and the hair cycle to end sooner—leading to thinner hair. 

In some areas, DHT can make it take longer for the follicles to start the hair growth cycle as well, leaving patches of the head bald.

So, the more testosterone you have in your body, the more DHT.

How Are Testosterone Levels Increased?

Besides our body’s normal balance of testosterone, there are a lot of things that can cause an increase or spike in our testosterone levels. 

Here are some of the most common ways your testosterone levels may be increased:

  • Working out a lot and lifting weights
  • Steroids
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Hormone replacement therapies

A great body doesn’t always equal great hair (no one said life was fair). 

You could be in great health and still lose your hair because of increased DHT levels.

Is DHT a Bad Thing?

You might be wondering if DHT is hurting you if it makes your hair fall out and slows regrowth.

Generally, DHT is just excreted out of your body and is no big deal.

However, if you have inherited what are called “receptor sites” in your follicles, then the DHT will get stuck when it should be passing by to be excreted. 

Getting stuck will cause a reaction at that site.

When someone tells you hair loss is genetic—it isn’t exactly the hair loss that is programmed into your makeup, but these receptor sites that end up snagging passing DHT molecules.

These receptor sites are almost like little potholes on the hair follicle itself.

Every time one of the DHT molecules gets stuck in a receptor site, it cuts off a little bit of blood flow to the follicle.

Over time, as more and more DHT molecules get stuck in these “potholes,” it cuts off vital blood flow to the follicle. 

The follicle is like a small engine that produces a hair shaft and grows it out until it hits a resting period.

With the cut-off blood flow, the follicle gets weaker and weaker, producing thinner and thinner hair shafts until the follicle dies. 

When many follicles die in the same area, you are left with a slick, shiny, bald scalp.

Once a follicle is dead there is nothing that can be done to bring it back.

Reduce the Impact of Testosterone to Restore Your Hair

Before you start thinking it’s time to cancel your gym membership …or change up your supplements …or just give up hope completely, there is a solution you need to try.

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Our crafted hair care line is specifically engineered to help break down DHT buildup on the scalp, promoting hair growth and help encourage follicle stimulation.

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