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Ask a Question. Get an Answer. FAQs.
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Ask a Question. Get an Answer. FAQs.

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How much do we love questions? Well, we answered them before you asked them...that's how much. 


When will I see results?

Generally speaking, most users see results between 3-6 months. Some see results sooner, some later.

What is the difference between More Hair Naturally® 9 and minoxidil? 

Minoxidil is a drug that requires a life-long commitment, with a long list of potential side effects. More Hair Naturally is a natural approach to thinning hair with no known side effects.

What is the difference between propecia and More Hair Naturally® 9? 

Propecia is a drug in pill form with the main ingredient being finasteride. This drug is designed to lower the testosterone in only men, thereby reducing the DHT level. More Hair Naturally is a natural approach and is not a drug.
Has More Hair Naturally® 9 had clinical studies done?  

Each key ingredient in the More Hair Naturally® 9 formula has been tested for efficacy and safety. The studies are available upon request.
Will the More Hair Naturally® 9 leave my hair greasy or oily? 

No. More Hair Naturally® 9 is a water based treatment and, if used properly, it will absorb, dry and disappear in 10-20 minutes. There is no residue, build-up, or lingering odor.

When is the best time to apply the More Hair Naturally® 9 treatment?  

You can apply it at any time in the day. Stem cells contained in the formula are sensitive, we recommend allowing for a 4 hour period before applying alcohol based styling products. 
Will my hair fall out if I stop using it? 

No, you keep your results.

Our approach is to help heal the hair, scalp &  follicle so they can begin to grow healthier hair on their own. 

You don't have to use it for life.

 How long you need to use it really depends on the severity of the situation you personally are dealing with.

 In general, people need to use it for 6 months to a year aggressively and then go to a slight maintenance plan for another few months and then assess where they are at. 

Many people stop at a point where there are happy with the results and then revisit the program every few years for a little maintenance. 

However, you may still be producing high levels of DHT and the issue may return.

We recommend sticking to the More Hair Naturally maintenance program in order to maintain the results you gained from our program.
Can I use other products along with More Hair Naturally® 9?
Yes.  More Hair Naturally® 9 will not interact with these products. 
Will More Hair Naturally® 9 have any effects on my medications? 

No. More Hair Naturally® 9 is not systemic and has no known side effects and does not interact or interfere with medicines.
Do I have to wash my hair every day? 

We’ll leave that up to you! You do not need to change your current shampoo habits, though we do recommend that you shampoo at least 2x per week in the first 3 months of using the More Hair Naturally® 9 treatment.
Will I start to shed more when I start using More Hair Naturally® 9? 

It’s possible. Occasionally, some users will see an increase in temporary shedding when they start the More Hair Naturally® program. Others may see a growth spurt! This is due to a variety of factors: new hair pushing out the damaged hair; dry, brittle hair breakage; hair cycles already interrupted by dht build up are suddenly stimulated by the removal of dht and influx of nutrients and more. In most cases, this shedding lasts anywhere from 2-4 weeks and then subsides, followed by improvement.
Is More Hair Naturally® 9 fda approved?

It doesn’t need approval as it is not a drug and the fda only approves drugs. With that said, the product has been reviewed by the fda and is on the G.R.A.S. (generally regarded as safe) list.
How much More Hair Naturally® 9 should I use on each application? 

Everyone is different. We advise that you use enough to generously cover all the major thin spots. As an example, if you need 8 full sprays of the More Hair Naturally® 9 every application, 1 bottle would last you approximately 1 month. However, a lot of users feel that they are able to saturate their scalp using only 4 sprays.  In this instance, 1 bottle will last 2 months.
How do I apply the More Hair Naturally® 9? 

The More Hair Naturally® 9 formula comes in an easy to use, airless pump spray bottle. In order to properly apply it, bring the nozzle as close to the scalp and spray. Massage gently into the scalp with your finger tips. Repeat as needed. 


Got more questions? We’ve got more answers. Give us a call at 1-800-655-3847, not a phone person? Shoot us an email at


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