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Can You Naturally Combat Postpartum Hair Thinning?
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Can You Naturally Combat Postpartum Hair Thinning?

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You’ve just had a baby and suddenly your hair is shedding everywhere. 

You wonder, “Is shedding normal after you give birth?”

Postpartum hair thinning is absolutely part of the normal shift in hormone balance. 

“No!” You think, “I want back my lush thickness!” 

You aren’t alone. 

So many moms deal with these same emotions. 

Some women experience severe thinning after giving birth, and it’s devastating. 

But, this is where we come in. 

There are options to boost your postpartum hair health.

Even if you aren’t too worried about your excessive hair shedding, you will still want to read these tips for how to improve the thickness and shine of your hair.

Why Does Postpartum Hair Thinning Occur?

Postpartum hair shedding typically occurs within the first several months after giving birth. 

This largely occurs because your estrogen, progesterone and hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) levels drop after the baby is born. 

These hormone levels help your body respond to the growing baby within your body. 

After the baby arrives, those hormones are no longer needed.

High levels of estrogen slowed the loss of hair loss during pregnancy. 

Normally, you lose 50-100 hairs a day. 

Hair is often prevented from entering the resting phase during pregnancy, so fewer hairs fall out.

Once those levels return to normal, far more hair enters the resting phase of its growth cycle. 

Now, you might be shedding 300 hairs a day and it seems shocking.

Your hair is making up for lost time.

This is completely normal, but it can still be devastating. 

As with any hair thinning, we feel like thinner hair looks unhealthy and weak. 

Many new mothers will search for ways to restore their hair to its shiny, thick state during pregnancy.

How Can I Reverse Postpartum Hair Shedding?

The thing to do to avoid excessive loss is to quickly take action using an all-natural*, topical solution like More Hair Naturally

Postpartum hair shedding is normal, but you can help rejuvenate and support new faster growth. 

* It is extremely important that you choose a drug-free, all-natural product at this point in your life, especially if you are breastfeeding, as your new baby will be in close physical contact with you for a large part of your day. More Hair Naturally products do not enter your bloodstream and will not affect your milk supply or your baby. 

There isn’t anything you can do to stop postpartum hair shedding, but you can rejuvenate new growth faster. 

You can avoid excessive loss by treating your hair gently and using products that promote healthy growth.

Here are some natural treatments and steps you can take right now to help your hair be fuller and healthier.

Stop Excess Damage

From heat tools to harsh products, there are a number of harmful things we do to our hair on a regular basis. 

Treating your hair with care is now the name of the game. 

You might be surprised that many parts of the average hair routine are very damaging.

Shampoo often contains harsh ingredients to strip out coating ingredients in conditioners and stylers. 

These stripping products remove natural oils and moisture from the hair, causing severe damage that increases with time.

Brushing your hair—especially when it's dry—will pull out more hair. 

Reduce unnecessary thinning by avoiding your brush between washes. 

When you do wash your hair, load it up with a detangling conditioner and brush it in the shower.

More Hair Naturally’s Amazing Moisture conditioner makes brushing even the curliest hair a breeze.

Start with your fingers or brush at the bottom of your conditioner-filled hair, moving your way up towards the scalp as you work out any tangles.

Note: if you go a few days between washes, you will be removing that many days’ worth of hairs that were caught in any tangles. 

You reduce how many total hairs are lost because you didn’t pull any out with the dry daily brushing. 

However, it will seem like a lot because they are all collected in one place.

Heat tools, like straighteners and curling irons, fry the hair. 

If you absolutely need to use a flat iron, hair crimper or curling wand on your hair, turn it to the lowest heat setting and use a hair protectant. 

It’s really better for your hair if you can just skip the heat tools while focusing on regrowth. 

Even your blow dryer should be set to a low heat setting to avoid hair damage.

Clips and ties can also pull out excess hair. 

Choose gentle, no-damage hair ties and skip the clips or bobby pins. 

There are many options for hair ties and scrunchies that are made with wider, softer elastic that won’t pull on the hair too hard or get caught.

Hats, headbands and helmets can all cause excess rubbing on the hair—especially parts around the temples that tend to thin faster. 

Avoid anything that will rub on your head and work out extra hair.

Choose Hair Growth Products That Support Natural Growth

Investing in quality hair products will boost thickness and growth. 

Our products are natural—safe for you and the baby, even if you are breastfeeding! 

You won’t experience side effects and it just requires a simple swap of products in your normal hair care routine. 

More Hair Naturally is the perfect product for combating postpartum hair thinning.

Here are a few of our amazing hair products you can add to your routine without any hassle:

Triple Stem Cell Shampoo is natural and gentle—designed to soothe the scalp with wild cherry bark, argan and sweet almonds. Coconut was chosen as a natural antimicrobial and antifungal ingredient that is important for a healthy scalp environment. Your hair needs a special blend of moisture and protein to grow healthy, strong and balanced. Our shampoo gets out all the dirt and grime without stripping the hair, aggravating the scalp or causing damage.

More Hair Naturally Conditioner uses silk, meadow foam and sodium hyaluronate to give your hair luscious shine and strengthen the moisturIsing effect. Unlike some hair products, this won’t weigh your hair down and make it look even thinner. You will be thrilled with how light and nourished hair is with our conditioner.

More Hair Naturally 9 provides a powerful spray to help block DHT, repair thinning shafts and promote hair growth.

Hair and Scalp Synergy combines enzymes, proteins, stem cells and plant extracts into a spray that revitalizes the scalp and transforms bald spots.

Support Your Body

While you are focused on your hair, don’t neglect your body! 

Proper nutrition and a balanced diet will promote healthier hair. 

You can take vitamins and supplements too, but don’t try to use them as a replacement for healthy eating. 

Foods that are full of healthy fatty acids, amino acids and protein are good for your hair. 

Using more coconut oil in your cooking will promote healthy hair and skin too. 

Drink lots of water to keep your skin and hair roots deeply hydrated.

Of course, fuelling your body is important to every part of your health, but it won’t replace caring for your hair. 

So, make sure you are following those first two steps to reduce damage and promote growth.

Will My Postpartum Hair Changes End?

If your hair thinning and dryness is only due to postpartum hormones, then the dramatic shedding will slowly reduce. 

You will probably go back to your pre-pregnancy hair thickness. 

For some, this means once your hair goals are achieved, they can stop using More Hair Naturally. 

But for others, they may want to continue using More Hair Naturally to support the thicker, fuller hair they now have.

It will continue to nourish your hair and prevent thinning or loss. 

You can visit the More Hair Naturally® store to purchase our thickening hair products or call us at 1(800)655-3847 for a quick consultation about your hair.