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More Hair Naturally 9

More Hair Naturally 9

“Today, the bald spot is almost completely filled in!”

-Matt, More Hair Naturally® 9 Customer

More Hair Naturally® 9 is the first place to start in your battle against thinning hair. Designed for both Men and Women, More Hair Naturally® 9 utilizes a powerful combination of natural ingredients comprised of three different types of Stem Cells (mountain ginseng root, bamboo sprouts and stem cells from adult human fat cells), three different all Natural Peptide complexes and a unique solution of Probiotic Plant Extracts. In addition to Rednsyl®, Baicapil, and Capixyl. Combined, these ingredients help repair, block DHT on the scalp and help promote healthier, thicker and stronger hair growth. Apply and massage directly to a wet or dry scalp daily to nourish your hair and scalp and help combat thinning hair at any stage. More Hair Naturally® 9 contains some of the most powerful and innovative ingredients available. It's time for the Modern Approach To Thinning Hair.

Hair & Scalp Synergy

Hair & Scalp Synergy

"After two months I noticed some new growth by my hairline and over all more density and thickness." 

-  Mike A. , Hair & Scalp Synergy + More Hair Naturally 9 Customer

This is basically lightning in a bottle.

A powerful combination of  multi-complex triple enzymes, proteins, plant stem cells and botanical extracts brought together to help activate and ignite the spark which brings your hair and scalp back to life.

Using a unique and all natural approach  including extracts from the Basil Plant, Pea Sprouts, Azalea Flowers, tobacco leaf, Rosebay and more there has never been a product for thinning hair like Hair & Scalp Synergy™. Designed to help very specific parts of the hair and scalp support the thick, full hair you want to grow.

Like a power plant. The engineers come in and plan, build it, put everything in place (that’s the More Hair Naturally® 9, the builder and healer) and then a specialized crew comes in, turns on the power switch and lights up the city… That’s Hair & Scalp Synergy™.

Used on its own, your hair and scalp will flourish in a way you never imagined. Used in conjunction with the More Hair Naturally® 9 you are in for the transformation you only ever dreamt was possible.

Spray directly onto the thinning areas of your scalp, massage in and go about your day, it's that easy.

Triple Stem Cell Shampoo

Triple Stem Cell Shampoo

"My hair looked thicker and was shinier the very first use! I'm a fan!"

-Shery, Shampoo customer

Nourish your scalp and visually increase the health of your hair. This Triple Stem Cell Shampoo is made with natural stem cells from Ginseng, Argan and Bamboo as well as extracts from Sunflowers, Sweet Almonds, Wild Cherry Bark and Coconut formulated in a certified organic base of Aloe Vera. Designed for both Men and Women, the Triple Stem Cell shampoo contains no harsh chemicals and can work on it’s own or within the More Naturally program. The only way to have truly healthy hair is the natural way. 

It’s Time To Redefine Your Expectations Of What Is Possible For A Shampoo!

Powerful enough to change all expectations of what a shampoo can accomplish while being gentle enough for ALL hair types, daily use and safe for color treated hair. You’ve never experienced a shampoo like this before.

Nutrient Rich Scalp Exfoliator Out of stock

Nutrient Rich Scalp Exfoliator

"My scalp has never felt cleaner and more vibrant. My scalp feels amazing!"

-Lucy F., Accelerator Customer


The More Hair Naturally® Accelerator uses finely ground European olive seeds combined with sodium hyaluronate to remove impurities from and hydrate the scalp, removing calcium, mineral deposits, pollutants, wax build-up and chemicals from styling products and other unwanted debris. Designed for both Men and Women, the More Hair Naturally® Accelerator is used 1-2 times per week in the shower, contains no harsh chemicals and can work on it’s own or within the More Hair Naturally® program to help the scalp be more receptive to the program applications. Keep the scalp clean and healthy hair will follow.

The Conditioner

The Conditioner

"I will swear by their conditioner. I’ve been using it for years. It doesn’t even matter what condition your hair is in, this stuff delivers and makes all hair types soft without weighing it down."

Tina A., Conditioner Customer

More Hair Naturally® Conditioner delicately restores silk, shine and bounce to your damaged hair using a combination of Sunflower Extract, Seaweed, Meadow Foam, Silk, and our patented ingredient, Sodium Hyaluronate, resulting in maximum shine and hydration without weighing it down. Designed for both Men and Women, the More Naturally Conditioner contains no harsh chemicals and can work on it’s own or within the More Naturally program. Covering all aspects of benefits, the More Hair Naturally® Conditioner is designed to condition, protect, nourish and repair damaged or lifeless hair back to fullness, strength and sheen.