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Hair Loss Is Becoming One Of The Most Common and Unexpected Symptoms of Those Recovering From COVID
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Hair Loss Is Becoming One Of The Most Common and Unexpected Symptoms of Those Recovering From COVID

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We would like to preface this article by saying we have avoided writing anything about this for a while now. This is a sensitive subject that over the past year has touched everyone's life.

After talking to many people who over the past year have started experiencing massive shedding while recovering from Covid, we felt it was an important issue to address so those with similar side effects didn't feel so alone and confused as to what is happening to their hair. 

Please note, this is not a scientific study and we are not claiming anything about Covid, all we know is that after many people have come to us with the same story, they had Covid and now their hair is falling out, there has to be some truth in it.

It is the phenomenon of increased and excessive shedding after recovering from Covid that we are exploring here.

The Lingering After-Effects of COVID

COVID typically takes a few weeks to get out of the system. But for some unknown reason, some are experiencing lasting health issues well after they are testing negative for the virus. This has been called “long-term COVID” or “post-acute COVID” and it can affect organs, mental health and physical appearance.

According to the AMA, some experts say these lingering symptoms may occur because of physical changes brought about by COVID, such as attacks on immune responses and inflammatory mechanisms, or drastic or sudden lifestyle changes like the loss of employment, loss of loved ones or increased financial strain.

Hair Loss is an Unexpected Result of COVID for Many

There are a few reasons hair loss may occur after COVID. The virus itself puts a serious strain on the body. There is also the stress of testing positive and wondering what that means for the next two weeks. You may have had the added stress of trying to quarantine from people in your own home. If you did have to be hospitalized, that can cause a lot of intense concern on top of your health problems.

So, not only will your body struggle to maintain normal growth cycles while it is fighting illness, it can be pushed into earlier and shorter rest cycles with increased stress. When you experience stress, your hair growth cycles may be interrupted, sending a large percent of hair into the resting stage and might slow the regrowth stage.

This means you may start shedding at a much higher rate than normal.

Typically, people shed around 50-100 hairs each day. This occurs when the hair naturally completes the resting phase and is being actively pushed out by the start of new growth. However, in some cases, the shedding can increase to much higher levels—like 200-300 hairs a day and large clumps.

It can be scary when you experience excessive hair shedding.

In many cases, you might wonder, “Will my hair shedding stop on its own?” and “Could my excessive shedding lead to baldness?”

You might be concerned that you are still struggling with health because your hair is starting to look so thin, dull and brittle.

Stress typically impacts the hair right away, but the effects of it won’t really show up for about three to six months.

We are getting a lot of inquiries about whether or not there is a way to help stop shedding and thinning after COVID.

People were not expecting this as a symptom during recovery and it has been hard for many to come to terms with.

Now for some good news!

Even though at this point we don’t truly know the science behind exactly what Covid is doing to your body to cause your hair to fall out, we do know that the many clients who have come to us with the side effect of thinning hair, we have been able to help!

"Love it that I am seeing less shedding and growth in my hair and eyebrows! Covid made me lose so much! I had to cut off all my hair:( your products are now bringing my hair back to life!!! – More Hair Naturally client

The program this client first purchased when starting their journey with us was the Starter Kit Plus. Check it out for yourself here.

Supporting Your Hair Health with More Hair Naturally

The More Hair Naturally products are designed to support hair, from the scalp to the follicle. Using powerful peptides, botanical extracts and plant stem cells, More Hair Naturally has crafted a line of products that help promote hair growth and help reduce thinning.

Our clients are finding comfort in that they are being helped to combat the thinning they are experiencing after COVID as well as the stress-related hair loss that many, regardless of having Covid or not, have been experiencing over the past year and a half.

Support Your Hair with Healthy Habits for Your Body and Mind

You can read more about how our products specifically help stress-related hair loss here:

Could it Be Stress? The Link Between Stress and Hair Thinning

For those who did experience a COVID diagnosis, there are still many unknowns when it comes to what is causing Covid related hair loss.

One thing we encourage everyone to do is to be sure you are taking steps to keep your body healthy and strong by implementing and maintaining healthy lifestyle habits like doing regular physical exercise and keeping a healthy diet.

After all, a stronger body is more resilient to the symptoms of illness.

  • Eat a well-balanced diet that will support healthy hair and skin (including fish, nuts and seeds).
  • Get plenty of sleep every night for brain function, body rejuvenation and mental health.
  • Try to avoid unnecessary stressors, like overextended schedules or toxic relationships.
  • Use high-quality self-care products to feel good and improve your personal well-being.
  • Practice meditation and mindfulness to give your brain rest periods throughout the day.

    Take Care of Your Hair from Root to Tip

    Your hair might have been something you took for granted at one point in your life.

    But, when you are experiencing hair loss, attention and consistent actions need to be taken to prevent it from getting worse.

    Here are a few ways we can help you ensure your hair is as healthy as possible as well as to promote growth and stop thinning:

    We hope this article helps.


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