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More Naturally, Inc™. is extremely excited
to announce it has recently acquired Kevis Products

Our flag ship product Kevis 8 is now called More Naturally 8™! While maintaining the 20 years of scientific development which made Kevis 8 the most powerful, side effect free, hair improvement product available, More Naturally 8™ is now free of all Parabens and Propylene Glycol! In fact ALL More Naturally™ products are 100% free of Parabens, Propylene Glycol and Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

Not being one to rest on our laurels, More Naturally, Inc™ has some of the fields top scientists constantly pushing the boundaries of science and nature to bring you some of the most cutting edge solutions to hair improvement ever to be offered! A handful of these new products are in the final stages of development and they are nothing short of astounding! … curious?


FREE Consultation

Just as each person is unique, so is their hair loss situation. What works for Tom, may not necessarily work for Mary! At More Naturally, Inc. we recognize this fact and tailor each program to the individual. This is just one aspect of More Naturally that separates us from the “one-size-fits-all” products.

At this point, you may continue to peruse our site at your leisure…OR, you can cut to the chase, call a friendly M.N. consultant and discuss your hair loss in depth. A trained consultant will ask you a series of specific questions regarding your hair and its present state; they will also ask you about (hair) history, hormonal and life style factors, and of course your goals to hair rejuvenation. Based on your answers you will be educated and advised on your type of hair loss, potential products and a program will be designed just for YOU! And oh yeah, it’s all free… So if you are at this point of readiness, call Monday through Friday 7:00AM to 6:00PM and Saturday 8:30AM to 2:00PM, Pacific Standard Time at:

Current Clients Call: (800)655-3847

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